Marianne Müller


Marianne Müller is a Swiss and Liechtenstein Certified Public Accountant and has been a FINMA-accredited lead auditor for banks, securities dealers and capital investment companies since 2014. She has 30 years of experience in the banking sector, of which ten years as a credit specialist with a Swiss universal bank and later as a team leader in corporate banking.
When she joined the audit industry twenty years ago, she concentrated on auditing and advising regional, cantonal and asset management banks as well as companies subject to the CISA. In addition, she assumed the function of internal auditor at banks and securities firms. She also participated in various enforcement mandates on behalf of the FINMA.
Marianne Müller has many years of experience in special audits and consulting assignments for clients’ organization, controls, compliance, corporate governance, outsourcing and internal audit.

Motto: Trust is the basis for a sustainable business relationship.

T +41 (0) 79 136 08 99